3 Reasons Why You Need a Government Affairs Consultant

Rely on The Frederick Group to advocate for positive change

Advocacy is a team effort, and an experienced lobbyist is an ideal partner. The Frederick Group offers the services and expertise needed to educate and inform policymakers to advance your agenda.

As your government affairs consultant, we can…

  1. Identify and craft new opportunities through legislative monitoring and regulatory analysis.
  2. Advocate for your public policy priorities through persuasive direct lobbying.
  3. Encourage timely policy changes by expediting regulatory response time.

We have decades of experience; we are your partners and advisors so you can trust our guidance.

Our Work Doesn't Stop There

We go above and beyond the call of a government affairs consultant by providing…

  • Strategic public policy planning services
  • Legislative analysis services
  • Coalition building services
  • Procurement assistance
  • Advocacy training